What Makes Tencel So Exceptional and Different from Cotton?

You are probably fond of cotton products and how they look and feel, but there are other materials that you may not be so familiar with. You may even feel perfectly satisfied with your current clothing materials, but if you never explore your options, you may never know whether or not there is something better out there.

As opposed to cotton, which grows on a plant, Tencel fibres are created mostly from wood pulp. The pulp is dissolved and spun before being woven together into a fabric. While the final result is still an article of clothing or a bed sheet, these two things are very different.

What Is Tencel Used For?

While it’s still a relatively new innovation, Tencel has come a long way in recent years and has gained considerable popularity for many reasons. Before, the applications may have been somewhat limited, but the technology has advanced far enough that you can create virtually anything out of Tencel fabrics.

In fact, since the list of Tencel products is so long now, it has become a viable competitor to all of the most common fabric types. From workout clothing and casual outfits to bed sheets and other home products, Tencel can be used for almost anything. There is even some footwear that will utilise Tencel fabrics.

Differences in Quality

The major differences between cotton and Tencel are in terms of quality. For example, people often criticise cotton due to the huge disparity in quality between different cottons on the market. However, Tencel products remain extremely consistent. Tencel fabrics also tend to be softer and smoother than cotton, so you can use Tencel products wherever these qualities are most valuable to you.

However, comfort isn’t the only reason that people are drawn to Tencel products. These products are also popular for hygienic reasons, coolness, and durability. While cotton products will typically fade over time, Tencel products tend to retain their quality for longer periods of time.

Striving for Sustainability

The idea behind every Tencel product is sustainability. Since Tencel products come from natural sources, manufacturers can pay attention to the materials they are using and how they are using them.

Manufactures of Tencel products pride themselves on their sustainability practices, which typically consist of sourcing materials from sustainably-managed plantations. In many cases, the trees used to create Tencel products get replanted or replenished in one way or another. The beauty of these products is that they can fully revert back to nature once they are no longer being used. In other words, quality Tencel products are fully biodegradable.

Since Tencel products are available in such a variety, you can easily pick and choose what you want. If you are new to the products, you can start with something small, but if you enjoy the material, you can use it all around the home. In doing so, you are ultimately adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, so you will feel good about what you are buying.